Chiang Mai Walking Street

Notes From Thai #10

                How Are You Today? Are you Happy? I hope so. Alhamdulliah.Be Happier and Barakah Everyday. I am very happy at night in Chiang Mai City. The sound of street musician was heard from the beginnig to the end at street. If you can play ukulele, harmonica, or sing a little Thai song, you might be able to be a street musician here. The light of lamp so glamour but still humble and soft. Handmade souvenir available for best customer around the world. Delicious foods and fresh drink also avalaible at everywhere. Yupz, i’m at Walking Street in Chiang Mai city.

Walking Street

                Chiang Mai has a large and famous walking street or night bazar for local products, handmade souvenir, arts, and local foods such as Khao Soi Kai, Pad Thai, Som Tam and Longan. Not only in Chiang Mai city, sometimes walking street or night bazar be held in Mae Jo, Rimping Supermarket or other district. At Maejo University, Bazar is held every Wednesday, called Cowboy Market. Cowboy market has Local and Japanese foods, fruits, vegetables, and handicraft.

                Chiang Mai City has three famous place for walking street. Night bazar, near Nawarat bridge. Saturday Walking Street is held along Chiang Mai silver street on the south side beyond Chiang Mai gate. Sunday Walking Street is held on Rachadamnoen Road, the beginning from Tapae Road or Three Kingdom Museum. Which is closed motorized traffic. Police and some taxi “TukTuk” became securities in front of closed gate. The street was fulled by local and tourist for shop and just walking around.

Sunday Walking Street
Sunday Walking Street

                            I went shopping on Sunday Walking Street yesterday. It’s almost same with Saturday Walking Street. Both Walking Street has same musician street and some foods vendor.Sunday more completely than Saturday. Sometimes the prices is so expensive. But, we make it cheaper. We should be  prepared of list our souvenirs. Sunday Walking Street has a lot of handicraft and clothes. I got delicious foods inside the Temple. Several street restaurant can be found inside the Tample or Wat.

Traditional Cookies
Traditional Cookies

                In this Middle August is special day in Thailand for Mothers day and Queen Birthday. Sunday Walking Street has some performance for entertaining visitor. The performnce is held on Tha Phae Gate. Singer, dancer, and band player. It’s attractive.

Lets Pray

                If Maghrib and Shalat will be started, you can go to Masjid, not so far from Walking Street. If you’re at Sunday Walking Street. You can go ChangPuak into the Chang Puak Gate from Three Kingdom Museum. Masjid ChangPuak, near of Changpuak Gate or White Elephant Figur on the street.  If you’re at Night Bazar Tha Phae Road. You can go Masjid Hidayatullah Islam Ban Haw. It’s  near of Kalare Food Court.

Masjid Chang Puak
Masjid Chang Puak

                “Certainly rising at night has a stronger effect and is more conducive to concentration. In the daytime much of your time is taken up by business matters. Remember the Name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him completely.” (Al-Muzzammil: 6-8).
Yogi Sidik.



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